Location: 7 E. 17th St. & 10 E. 18th St. Manhattan , NY

Owner: PMG

Contractor: Vema Contracting

Architect: Farinella & Sam, Architects

Description: Custom painted steel storefront with leaded glass and molding to match original Landmark building.

Location: 3rd Avenue & 86th Street New york, NY

Contractor: Neversink Construction

Description: Spandral glass and anadized aluminum facade

Location: 370 Lexington Avenue, NYC

Owner: BSD

Contractor: Worked directly for owner

Architect: The DeRosa Group

Description: Canopy, revolver and entrance in antique bronze finished aluminum for durability. Custom fabricated moulding.

Location: 1 Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY

Owner: Seventeen Development

Contractor: Procida Construction

Architect: Richard Meier

Description: World class Architect Richard Meier was called upon to bring his lighter than air, metal and glass design out of the confines of Manhattan, to overlook the Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. AMFI worked closely to execute his vision for an ethereal Marquis and Fascia metal across the building facade. Based on years of experience, AMFI was able to value engineer the elements so that all of the members seem to float in space.

Location: 737 Park Ave, NY

Location: 53rd Street Manhattan, NY

Owner: 53rd Street Development
Contractor: Procida Construction
Architect: Smith Miller + Hawkinson
Description: The Architectural firm of Smith Miller + Hawkinson developed an ingenious method for maximizing the FAR on this zoning constricted site in Hells Kitchen, New York. The resulting geometry required a highly customized Curtain Wall design from Schuco in order to meet the high standards for load, movement, and sound transmission. However, the aluminum extrusions melt away against the dominant aesthetic feature that is the highly specialized glass, which completely cloaks the building. The glass is not only ultra clear to allow maximum light transmission into the space, but has a special coating to reject sunload. The most unique feature of the glass is a highly technical polarizing inter layer, which enables complete privacy between opposing apartments on the diagonal facade. The extreme high standards demanded of the glass, combined with the unique polarizing feature was simply unavailable by any manufacturer in the USA. Undaunted, the AMFI team identified Bidudit, a glass manufacturer in Israel, who had the necessary experience and guts to undertake the challenge. The glass components were sourced from five different continents, and required exceptional project management from both AMFI and Bidudit to properly execute. This project has been the most challenging in our 18 year history. We had to develop new methods, techniques and product, in order to overcome all obstacles in our way. The AMFI team is held in high regard by all involved with this project.

Location: Long Beach, NY

Owner: Private Residence
Contractor: Worked directly for owner
Description: Custom bronze entrance with Roman motif details. Insulated glass and custom hardware. Hand rubbed and oil bronze finish.

Location: 10 East 29th Street New York, New York

Contractor: Kreisler Borg Florman
Architect: SLCE Architects
Description: Titanium and stainless roof crown.

Location: Manhattan, NY

Description: Chrysler Building – Restoration
Over the years, many pieces of the original art deco stainless steel were vandalized from the chrysler building, by people seeking souvenirs of new york. Our craftsmen, methodically recreated the original patterns, and installed them in the field using tamper proof security hardware, hopefully, lasting many more years to come.

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