Location: 338 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY

Contractor: Wonder Works Construction Corps

Architect: Workshop DA

Description: Custom metal and glass doors with antique bronzed finished handles

Client: Triumph Hotels
Location: The Fredrick Hotel – 95 W Broadway, New York City
Contractor: Vema Construction
Architect: Matt Markowitz Architect P.C
Description: Custom antique bronze canopy, interior lobby bench, and railing with guardrail

Location: 1930 Broadway & 65th Street, New York City

Owner: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Contractor: Schimenti Construction

Description: Stainless steel railings.

Description: Unique design of open stringer staircase. Each stringer element is composed of three ply 5/8″ thick lasercut cold rolled steel with a hand applied gunmetal finish. The upper balcony is structural steel supporting a 1 5/8″ thick laminated glass floor.

Description: 12 Custom light fixtures – Patened Bronze with biology symbols silhouette.

Location: 88-11 Sulphin Boulevard , Jamaica, NY

Owner: Queens Courthouse

Contractor: Condor Associates

Description: Design, fabrication and installation of period bronze vestibule walls and doors to match existing early 1900’s design in lobby. Vestibule is designed for both aesthetic and high security barrier.

Location: Carlton Hotel at 29th Street & Madison Avenue

Contractor: Shawmut Design & Construction

Architect: The Rockwell Group

Description: Hotel Bar carcase in fine upholstered italian leather. Hand rubbed zinc bartop and illuminated frosted glass spirit storage above.

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