Location: 370 Lexington Avenue, NYC

Owner: BSD

Contractor: Worked directly for owner

Architect: The DeRosa Group

Description: Canopy, revolver and entrance in antique bronze finished aluminum for durability. Custom fabricated moulding.

Location: 200 E. 71st Street, NYC

Owner: Manocherian Brothers

Contractor: Sciame

Architect: SLCE Architects

Description: This all bronze canopy has a medium statuary, hand applied finish with brake formed cornice, and a coffered ceiling with down lights.

Location: 1 Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY

Owner: Seventeen Development

Contractor: Procida Construction

Architect: Richard Meier

Description: World class Architect Richard Meier was called upon to bring his lighter than air, metal and glass design out of the confines of Manhattan, to overlook the Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. AMFI worked closely to execute his vision for an ethereal Marquis and Fascia metal across the building facade. Based on years of experience, AMFI was able to value engineer the elements so that all of the members seem to float in space.

Location: 90 Williams Street Manhattan, NY

Owner: Procida Realty

Contractor: Worked directly for owner

Description: Custom stainless steel and glass canopy and entrance with revolving door.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Contractor: Lehrer Mcgovern Bovis

Architect: Hardy Holtzman Pfeifer/ Pentagram

Description: Stainless Steel and Glass Canopy.

Location: 28 West 44th Street New York, NY

Description: Bronze, stainless-steel and glass architecural ornamental canopy.

Location: 55 Wall Street New York, New York

Owner: B&R Construction

Contractor: M/G Architects

Description: Pair of bronze canopies with curved glass.

Location: 30-00 47th Avenue L.I.C., NY

Owner: The Chetrit Group

Contractor: Worked directly for owner

Description: Stainless Steel and Glass Canopy with Signage ‘6x’24×18″

Location: West 80 th Street, NYC

Contractor: AJS/Matrix

Description: Custom bent and welded stainless steel arms with glass panels on custom stainless steeel pucks.

Location: 2 Lexington Ave., Manhattan, New York City

Owner: Ian Schrager Group
Contractor: Bovis
Architect: BB&G
Description: AMFI worked closely with BB & G and the design team from the Ian Schrager group to create a modern canopy while retaining the feel of a structure that was built in 1924. The original panels were used as a guide to direct the shape of the new bronze fascia. Nearly 100% of the details and profiles were created at AMFI.

Custom light fixtures were created for ease of maintenance and installation. Even after the canopy was seriously damaged by an installation crew, AMFI was able to repair the canopy on schedule to allow the hotel to open on time.

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